Erbil International Fairground
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About Erbil

Erbil – The safe gateway to Iraq

  • Capital city of Iraqi Kurdistan and the third most populated city in Iraq after Baghdad and Basra.
  • Located in the Northern Iraq, the largest cities in the Kurdistan Autonomous Region are Erbil with 1.4 million inhabitants, Sulaymaniyah with 900,000, Dohuk with 500,000 and Zakho with 350,000. The Erbil governorate has got more than 2 million inhabitants.
  • One of the oldest continuously inhabited areas in the world. Its archaeological museum houses a large collection of pre-Islamic artefacts, particularly the art of Mesopotamia, and is a center for archaeological projects in the area.
  • Designated as Arab Tourism Capital 2014 by the Arab Council of Tourism
  • Citadel of Erbil was inscribed as a World Heritage site in July 2014.

Erbil is Iraq‘s bustling and secure economic metropolis

After a period of political turbulence, Erbil regained its position as Iraq‘s bustling and secure economic metropolis.

Kurdistan is open for business!

Its liberal business environment favors investment. And Erbil traditionally connects the countries of the region, Iraq, Turkey, Iran and Syria, but also the Caucasus countries Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia.

A large and modern consumer market is waiting to be satisfied.

In fact, the trade sector is one of the main drivers of economic growth in Kurdistan and Iraq as a whole.

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