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“The event exceeded our expectations by leaps and bounds as we met customers from all the Iraqi provinces”

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After the splendid opening on 23 November 2021 with all imaginable ministers, consuls general and dignitaries, the 174 exhibitors from 9 countries went into full swing until the end of Agro Pack & Iraq plastprintpack 2021 on 26 November.

How the exhibitors assessed the event was put in a nutshell by one of our exhibitors:

Jean S. Zakka, CEO

Zakka Multitec  

“For us, Iraq is one of our main markets in the region as we see a large potential in the industrial sector. However, several months back, prior to confirming our participation at the show, we were skeptical of the footfall due to the pandemic. But now, after busy days at our booth we can say the show has definitely exceeded our expectations by leaps and bounds as we met customers from all the Iraqi provinces.

Not only the number and quality of the visitors were brilliant as most were professionals from within the industry and appreciate the high-quality European machines that we supply. But also the show organisers did an excellent job.”


Jean Zakka certainly speaks only for the food + bev tec sector of the event. But you can read similar assessments for the other sectors such as agro + poultry, food and plastprintpack.

Well, there is not much to add from the organisers’ side except perhaps some interesting details on the visitor profile.

Trade visitors from all over Iraq – and from Iran and Turkey

The visitor database (before final accounts) shows a total of 7,570 visitors, including about 3,000 public visitors. Of the remaining 4,570 trade visitors, about 3,005 came from the autonomous Kurdistan Region of northern Iraq, and 1,187 from all other Iraqi provinces, many of them invited in delegations as Hosted Buyers. They came from Baghdad 503, Mosul 216, Kerkuk 211, Basra 64, Karbala 44, Babil 38, Diyala 26, Necef 20, Tikrit 20, Anbar 19, ...

378 trade visitors attended the fair from outside Iraq, including the high number of 211 from Iran and 114 from Turkey as well as 13 from Syria, 11 from Jordan, 6 from the United Arab Emirates and 4 from Saudi Arabia.

The large number of trade visitors reflects the great interest and high investment needs of the Iraqi agrofood & plastprintpack industry.

What the exhibitors said

  • Arash Rahimizadeh, Preform & Bottle Cap Sales Manager
    Polymer Faravar / Polipack - Iran

    Our company is mainly active in the field of production and printing of packaging containers for dairy products, ice cream and juice. Since Iraq is Iran’s neighbour, the trade between us is much easier than with other countries. Plus, Iranian products are highly admired in Iraq’s market. With 40 million, Iraq is an extremely interesting market for us.

    This year we are happy to participate for the first-time at Iraq plastprintpack 2021. So far we are already highly satisfied with the number of visitors. We were in discussions with potential clients like dairy, oil and drink producers.

  • Hojat Jamali, Head Boss
    Farachap Atrin Co. - Iran

    Farachap Atrin Company is an Iranian packaging company, starting in 2006 with the manufacturing of wrapping and printing machinery. With this exhibition we were expecting to introduce ourselves better in Iraq. Luckily these expectations are highly fulfilled already on the second day of the show.

    Expanding to Iraq is an important step for our company as the Iraqi market is filled with various opportunities to grow our business internationally. Therfore, we are happy to get the chance to present Farachap to all kinds of packaging companies - to potentially work with in the future - on Iraq plastprintpack 2021.

  • Tuce Erisen, Export Executive
    iDEAL OFSET - Turkey

    iDEAL OFSET has been offering graphic design services for 20 years and box packaging for more than 10 years.

    We participate at Iraq plastprintpack 2021 to market our products and solutions and meet new customers. We have met with manufacturers and we have met our expectations, that is also sales. Yes, we are satisfied with the show.

  • Massoud Rahimzadeh Namvar, Head of Product Delivery
    KPIC Kermanshah Petrochemical Industries Co. - Iran

    KPIC plays a major role in the development of the petrochemical industry in the Western part of Iran. Supplying Iran’s fertilizer needs and exporting it as well is our major task.

    As KPIC is situated very close to Iraq, that is a huge advantage compared to other competitors in Iran. At Iraq plastprintpack 2021, we have met with interested customers.

  • Ehsan Delshad, International Commercial Manager
    SPS Complex - Iran

    SPS complex is the market leader for BOPET films in Iran and owns most of the technologies for the production of BOPP and CPP films.

    As Iraq is very close to Iran, we can regularly visit and do marketing here. At Iraq plastprintpack, we have met 50% traditional clients and 50% new ones. So we are satisfied with the results.

  • Ibrahim Yerebasmaz, Assistant General Manager Export
    pandora - Turkey

    Since its inception in 2005, pandora evolved into an industry powerhouse, creating a customer portfolio in 40 countries.

    Due to the geographic and cultural proximity of our countries we have a deep and inseparable link with the highly attractive Iraqi market full of opportunities. At the show we have met with existing and new potential clients, also with service providers. So we have met our targets.

Exhibitors at the 2021 event according to sector

Agro Pack Iraq 2021

15% : Agro, plant & animal production

20% : Food & beverage processing technology, Food ingredients

20% : Finished food & drink products

Iraq plastprintpack 2021

20% : Plastics raw material & technology

25% : Packaging material & technology

Floor plan 2021

Official country pavilions in 2021 from Iran, Jordan,
Netherlands and Turkey

Iran Pavilion

47 Iranian companies showcasedtheir products and solutions in the official Iranian pavilion, supported by the Trade Promotion Organization of Iran.

Jordan Pavilion

The Jordan Pavilion was organised by the Jordan Exporters Association and features the following 7 exhibitors:

    • Danish Jordanian Dairy
    • Jordan Exporters Association
    • Khaled Daoud Alnatsha & Partners
    • Lacrima Dairy
    • Lamis Detergent Company
    • Sally Marketing - Nafeeseh Sweets
    • Siniora Food Industries

    Netherlands Pavilion

    The Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality of the Kingdom of the Netherlands has organized a Netherlands Lounge featuring 9 Dutch exhibitors. In collaboration with the Consulate General of the Netherlands in Erbil and at the request of participating companies, matchmaking was provided during the exhibition days.

    To the brochure

    Turkish Pavilion

    A large Turkish pavilion with 72 exhibitors has been supported by the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Trade. The impressive presentation was rounded off with a lounge that invites Turkish exhibitors and their Iraqi customers to network.

    Strong Kurdish & Iraqi participation

    42 market leaders from Kurdistan and the entire Iraq present their products and solutions.

    Exhibitor list 2021

    Dear exhibitors

    looking for new business?

    Dear visitors

    best solutions for your investment?

    How can I help you?

    Ms Michelle Hofmann
    Ms Michelle Hofmann

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