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Iraq Plast 2023 surpasses all expectations

The success story of Iraq Plast & Agro Pack continued also with the 2023 event as 222 exhibitors from 16 countries showcased their innovative products and solutions to thousands of trade visitors from around Iraq and the entire region. Notably, a significant portion of these attendees were esteemed Hosted Buyers, joining in delegations.

The exhibitors came from Austria, China, Egypt, France, Germany, India, Iran, Iraq, Italy, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, the Netherlands, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Türkiye, and the United Arab Emirates.

The astounding number of trade visitors surpassed the exhibitors' expectations by far, underscoring the immense interest and substantial investment prospects within the Iraqi agrofood & plastprintpack industry.

Plast Iraq & Agro Pack 2023 kicked off with a flying start!

The event started with a bang on 19 September 2023 when it was opened by some of the most prominent figures in the industry:

  • Mrs Begard Talabani, Minister of Agriculture
  • Mr Sawar Kamal Hawari, Deputy Minister of Trade & Industry
  • Dr Mohammed Shukri, Chairman of the Board of Investment
  • Mr Omed Khoshnaw, Governor of Erbil

Egypt, Germany, India, Iran, the Netherlands, Qatar, Russia, and Türkiye were represented by their respective Consuls General.

Plast Iraq & Agro Pack took place at the prestigious Erbil International Fairground from 19 to 21 September 2023.

Let’s hear how the exhibitors assessed their participation

Mahdi Yazdi
Sales Expert

Naghshineh Chap Tabriz

Nicolas Belin
Middle East Manager

Yiuri Huang

YaTong Machinery

Thank you!

The entire So Fuar & fairtrade team says thank you for your valuable contribution to the success of the event and look forward to seeing you again from 17 to 19 September 2024 for the 7th Agro Pack & 5th Plast Iraq.

Impressive figures confirm how fast Iraq is developing in the plastics, printing and packaging industry.

Iraq‘s imports of plastic raw materials grew by 24% annually between 2011 and 2020, from 40 kt to 285 kt.

The country’s plastic consumption per capita increased by 23% annually over the past years, from 0.5 kg in 2009 to 7.2 kg in 2022 and is estimated at 9.0 kg in 2026. (EUROMAP)

The Plast Iraq trade fair, organised by So Fuar and fairtrade, plays a pivotal role in enhancing Iraq's self-sufficiency. It serves as a significant testament to the nation's commitment to bolstering local production and the "Made-in-Iraq" initiative.

Recent statistics from the German Engineering Federation VDMA reflect this commitment.

Between 2017 and 2021

  • Iraq’s imports of plastics technology was up with an annual growth rate of 16.6%, from €20 million to €37 million
  • Iraq’s printing & paper technology imports have grown by 33.8% annually, from €5 to €16 million
  • Imports of packaging technology increased by 12.7% annually, from €49 million to €89 million. (VDMA)

See detailed figures on the Iraqi plastprintpack market.

Plast Iraq & Agro Pack Iraq

Professionals only event representing the entire value chain

• Plast Iraq features plastic raw material in primary forms as well as machinery and equipment for plastics processing, printing and packaging
• Agro, Agro Pack & Food Iraq cover agriculture, food and beverage processing & packaging and the food trade

The dynamic development of the Iraqi market was also clearly reflected on the exhibitor side. While exhibitors from 10 countries participated in 2022, there were 222 exhibitors from 16 countries in 2023, and for the first time the magic number of more than 200 exhibitors has been exceeded.

Austria Information Stand

ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA, the Austrian Foreign Trade Agency, participated in Agro Pack & Plast Iraq 2023 for the first time.

Representatives of the following companies were present at the stand:

  • Engel Austria GmbH
  • Hechenbichler GmbH
  • Julius Meinl Austria GmbH
  • OVOTHERM International Handels GmbH
  • Rupp Austria GmbH
  • Starlinger Group

China Pavilion

In 2023, 8 Chinese exhibitors made their debut at the event.


For the first time, there was also a notable number of Egyptian exhibitors at the fair, a total of 5.


AHK - The German Liaison Office for Industry and Commerce in Iraq participated in Agro Pack & Plast Iraq 2023, where, for the very first time, it was be present with an information stand. Featuring offices in Erbil and Baghdad, AHK Iraq are excited to showcase the diverse opportunities and collaborations that can be explored between German industries and the dynamic Iraqi market.

India Pavilion

Following the successful participation of 18 Indian exhibitors in 2022, 41 exhibitors showcased their products at the 2023 event. Many of them as part of a pavilion supported by the Department of Commerce of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry of the Government of India and ASSOCHAM - The Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India.


With Fava, Ricciarelli and Storci, 3 renowned Italian companies participated in the 2023 event.

Iran Pavilion

Supported by the Trade Promotion Organization of Iran, 51 Iranian exhibitors were present in 2023.

Iraqi participation

42 market leaders from Kurdistan and the entire Iraq participated in the 2023 event, nearly twice as many as in 2022.

Netherlands Pavilion

Representing the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature, and Food Quality of the Netherlands in KRI, the agricultural section of the Netherlands Consulate in Erbil hosted 9 Dutch companies at their stand:

  • Amstel Products
  • APH Group
  • Geersing Potato Specialist
  • Hydrosat
  • Ivvest
  • Mesonature
  • Meyn
  • TNA Processing and Packaging Solutions
  • WeepWall

Poland Pavilion

Poland’s participation at the event covered three main topics:

  • Polish Poultry Meat – Supported by the Poultry Meat Promotion Fund
  • Polish Beef – Supported by the Beef Promotion Fund
  • Polish Cereal Grains and Grain Products – Supported by the Fund for the Promotion of Cereal Grains and Grain Products.

The Poland Pavilion is supported by the Association for Innovation in Agriculture and the Kurdish Polish Development Organization.

Saudi Arabia

With Nadec, the first listed agricultural company on the Saudi stock market participated in the show in 2023, a regional market leader in milk, juice and food production.

Türkiye Pavilion

In 2023, 61 Turkish exhibitors were present, supported by the Republic of Türkiye Ministry of Trade.

United Arab Emirates

With AgriSea Dubai-India, Aventi Industries and Metro International, 3 renowned companies from the UAE participatied in the 2023 event.

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